Privacy Policy

This privacy statement may change at anytime. It is the user's responsibility to know about the change.

What user information is collected by collects and stores/logs your IP address, email address, cookies, Cavehumans sessions, and any other information the user submits to the site.

IP Address:

An IP Address is used to identify a computer on a network. logs your IP address for security reasons.

Email Address:

Your Email Address is stored to be able to contact you about important information. An email is sent when you make an account, change your email address, request a new password, and/or need to be informed about anything regarding your account. Your email will only be shown to others if you choose to do so in your profile. YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WILL NOT BE GIVEN OR SOLD TO ANY THIRD-PARTY.

Cavehumans information:

Every action a user does in Cavehumans is logged. This helps to diagnose any problems that may occur. Personal information is only logged if a user sends (types and submits) anything across the network that contains personal information.


A cookie is a small text file stored on the user's computer. uses a cookie to identify you when being logged in automatically. They do not hold any personal information.

Other information:

Users have the ability to fill out personal information for their profile. If a user fills out this information, anyone may view it. Please don't fill out any information that you don't want others to view.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.